The Steaming Sixties: Steam in the Suburbs – Changeover on the GN No. 2

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  •  Hardback | 64 pages
  •  01 Jul 2009
  • Irwell Press
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by Ronald Wilkinson

1963 was a momentous one for steam on BR. The influx of diesels could no longer be ignored and even the biggest and best of passenger steam power was now under threat. This series almost by definition chronicles the decline of steam and on the Great Northern that decline was horribly abrupt. A handful of main line diesels turned into a torrent and by the summer, Kings Cross shed had closed and steam on ‘the GN’ had been pronounced dead. It took BR some months before steam finally ceased but it was, to most intents and purposes, over. The last scheduled steam working out of Kings Cross took place on 16 June and Kings Cross ‘Top Shed’ closed the next day. This is what some of it looked like…64 pages hardback 65 colour photos