Day of the Diesels Volume 3 : The 1980s : John Spencer Gilks

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ISBN : 9781857942866

Pages : 128

276 mm x 213 mm

Publisher : Silver Link

Published : 14th June 2007

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Last in the series of excellent volumes from John Gilks documenting the diesel revolution on British Railways and Latterly, British Rail.

The three volumes of John Gilks’s very successful Dawn of the Diesels illustrated first-generation diesel locomotives and multiple units in the 1960s before the full effects of the Beeching closures were felt. Now we have moved into a new decade, Dawn has given way to Day, and we see the flourishing of the true Diesel Age; Volume 1 having covered 1970-74 – the early years of the 1970s, Volume 2 covered 1975-79 – the latter years of the 1970s we now move on to the 1980s. All but thirty years on, who would have thought that photographs of diesel trains would be so enjoyed, and that such locomotives and units would be viewed with such affection? But here again is a magnificent selection of supremely evocative images of an era that is perhaps even further from today’s railway than it was itself from the Age of Steam. The result is another snapshot of social history and a record of many aspects of the country railway in particular before centralisation and uniformity took control.